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NEoT Green Mobility launch: the first investment program targeting electric mobility, in partnership with Caisse des Dépôts.

NEoT Green Mobility was launched to provide up to several hundred million euros of capital over the next five years, in France and around the world.

In partnership with selected companies, this offer will provide local authorities and sector players with turnkey electric mobility solutions with the potential to cover any kind of transport (notably buses, trucks, trains, boats, industrial vehicles, and scooters, to name but a few).

NEoT Green Mobility’s products will include:

  • Usage of all necessary assets (batteries, charging infrastructure, vehicles, etc.) for 3-20 year periods, according to the customer’s needs
  • A comprehensive service that comes with guarantees for the lifetime of the contract (supervision, maintenance, technical support, end-of-life processing, and recycling, etc.)

This comprehensive offer will accelerate the transition to electric mobility by operators and local authorities. Our aim is to provide the financial capacity and expertise needed to remove any obstacles”, Pierre Devillard explains.

NEoT Green Mobility should be up and running in the second quarter of 2017, once regulatory consents have been obtained.

Other finance schemes are being developed by NEoT Capital for other applications in the energy transition, in particular distributed renewable energies.


“The launch of NEoT Capital is part of our clear strategy to play an active role in developing the innovative new business models that are accelerating the energy transition. NEoT Capital’s products complete EDF’s tools used to fund and support local authorities, businesses, and entrepreneurs. We are going to focus all of our energy on supporting NEoT Capital’s growth, working closely with EDF Group engineers and our partners in NEoT Capital”, adds Philippe Ringenbach, Director of Investment and Entrepreneurship at EDF.

 The clean transport revolution will incur the need for vast sums of capital. With this innovative offer from NEoT capital, the cost of a battery is no longer an obstacle in the way of clean energy. Combined with its expertise, these finance solutions are a way for its customers to optimise their equipment assets while enjoying a very high level of service. Forsee Power will make a natural contribution to the development of NEoT Capital, which offers a strategic service for marketing our smart battery systems”, points out Christophe Gurtner, CEO of Forsee Power.

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