Services adapted for clients

From financing for stand-alone equipment (battery-as-a-service) to offers for larger scopes (energy-as-a-service), we optimize solutions for our clients by adapting them to their specific needs.
In working with NEoT, our clients can benefit from services on a global scale, not only with maintenance and asset management scopes but also in production and consumption of energy.

 A one-stop-shop throughout and after contract life

  • In a field populated with many different actors, it is important for clients to have a privileged point of contact.
  • Clients benefit from NEoT’s international network of partners, without need for multiple contractual relations.

Adapted, flexible, and reactive financial schemes

  • NEoT supports initial investment costs by acquiring assets, and enabling partners to focus on development of their core business.
  • NEoT’s services are broad in scope – from asset to project financing, early-stage pilot to international deployment, NEoT adapts and responds to the precise cash flow needs of its partners.

Long-term support

Utilizing its technical expertise and market knowledge, NEoT furnishes services for clients both during and after contract life: advice regarding asset use, preventive and corrective maintenance, end-of-life services, recycling etc… These services enable the optimization of assets and their capacities throughout their lifecycle.


Support for partners’ business models

  • NEoT encourages and values all initiatives, and will accompany new and innovative players in developing alternative finance that meets bank standards.
  • Accessing finance for new and innovative technologies can be difficult. NEoT, through its technical expertise, is confident in these new technologies, and is prepared to assist in the development of related solutions.